Glass Education

NOTE:  This is not my piece and was done by a lady by the name of Jeanne Rehfuss. I did ask permission to use it for education purposes. 

The purpose of this post is just a little bit of glass education.  The glass we artists use in our work is not simple window glass or generic colored glass.  It is a specifically designed glass made for fusing. Glass must be compatible for it to melt nicely together. It has to have the same rate of expansion and contraction as it heats, melts and cools basically.  There are several brands and types out there.  A wine bottle, a glass vase, a Pyrex bowl and a drinking glass are all different types of glass, usually specifically formulated for their purpose. This piece shows what happens when you have two different types of glass and attempt to combine them in one piece.  In Jeanne’s case she thought she had all the same type and had one different one sneak in unbeknownst to her. As you can see in the picture the glass has cracked in a nice circle around the different piece.  I have never seen such a perfect example of how glass can decide to not play nicely together before.  Usually the cracks are random angles and lines and even if you can pick out what caused it, they don’t typically show off this well.  This is a beautiful piece and it’s too bad someone didn’t keep their glass types separated before they gave it to her.  🙁

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