Hot glass

I don’t get to actually play with my glass when it’s hot very often.  This picture shows the fun you can have if you do.  This started out as bars of glass stacked in stripes.  Then once the glass gets to about 1700 F we open the kiln and while wearing Kevlar gloves take a pipe and comb or rake through the glass.  Since it’s glowing totally red when you do this you really have no idea what you are doing, how it’s mixing and what the final pattern will look like.  You just have to wait and see. It’s totally fun, completely scary to reach into a 1700 F kiln, but oh so gratifying when you see what comes out!  This is the first one of these I have done in years.  I have a second one in the kiln right now.  I think I might have an addiction.   DSC03133DSC03131

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