It’s November?  How did that happen?  Time is flying by this year.  I’ve been in the full holiday mode since summer, but suddenly it’s actually starting to feel cool.  Living in AZ we usually have to wait until Halloween for cooler temps and this year it’s dragging it’s feet even more than usual.  The mornings are finally starting to feel good and we don’t feel like we live in an oven at 3pm every afternoon.  One neighborhood near by actually has a few houses with their Christmas lights up already.  I won’t do that until after Thanksgiving.  (We do still celebrate Thanksgiving, right?)

I’m doing my first show of the year tonight.  It’s a little community show, but should be fun. We’re bringing out some new stuff and some of our Brookins’ Designs laser cut works as well.

Montage at Pecos Ranch Holiday Shop  if anyone is interested!


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