DSC03090 DSC03091This is one of those things that I have been wanting to get back to again.  I did a couple probably two plus years ago and love them.  My brother in law loved them so much he had me do one for him.  Fast forward two years and I decided to do more.  (Nothing like procrastinating a little!)  So I had my husband break out the tile saw and we started cutting up bottles. I fused the rings to soften them a little and take off the sharp edges and then strung them together.  I decided to mix rings from different bottles and of course had to add a little bling .  I like the color combination. The ones from two years ago held up great.  Dusty (since we live in AZ) but otherwise intact.  I’m surprised at how much wind they can handle. And my brother in law wants another one!  I take that as a seal of approval.

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